The Carrie Roll
The One-of-a-Kind Rice-Less Sensation
Unagi, Escolar, Salmon, Hamachi, & Sea Bass
The Magnolia
Blackened Tuna, Goat Cheese, and Scallions
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Restaurant Hours: Lunch: Mon.-Fri.(11-2pm),
Dinner: (5-10pm), Sat. & Sun. 3:30-10pm

Phone: 512.255.6454, Fax: 512.255.6230

Taking its name from the BELUGA WHALE, BELUGA represents the elegant life elements, creating a new culinary world. BELUGA is not a fusion restaurant but rather a modern culinary craftsmanship that includes the elements of future culinary achievements.

We encourage a shared table concept; in celebration of the compatible textures and flavors of the menu. Enjoy and Eat in Health at the Best.
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